Calm In The Crazy

Before every job, I sit in my car and take a moment to breathe deep and pray for peace. This is for myself and also for my clients. It is a very intimate setting to work with someone's face, you are quite literally in their personal space. I pray that with each brush stroke, a calm would fall in the room and in their space. Whether you are a religious person or not, peace is a good thing, and I think everyone would welcome it!

It is such an honor to do the work that I get to do and to work with the lovely people that I get to work with. I truly know and recognize that it is a privilege! I do not take my role as the "Calm in the Crazy" lightly! I know that Every time I am hired, something special is taking place: an actor getting ready for their scene, a photo or video shoot, a bride prepping for her big day, red carpet, a night out, a celebration, a lesson in the craft of makeup... all of it has the potential to be emotionally loaded. It also almost always requires a tight timeline and a budget which can also create chaos. 

 In each of these scenarios the opportunity is given to make a mark in this world, to grab life with intensity and leave a legacy! Yes, sometimes the mark can be vanity, but it can also be courage, strength, love, passion, talent, and freedom! It is my job to match that courage, strength, love, passion, talent, and freedom with integrity, an excellent craft, a calm spirit, and speed. At least, that is my goal! Some days, I fail, but if I can run after those qualities then I am helping to create an environment where a legacy can be built! 

Wherever this post finds you, whatever crazy season, I hope that you find peace in your day today. I hope you find the opportunity to take a deep breath, practice gratitude, and feel the warmth of peace wash over you! This life we have is so precious, what legacy are you leaving?